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Terms & Conditions

Legal Information

At WillowB, we take our legal responsibilities seriously. Our Terms & Conditions are a set of legally binding terms that define the relationship between us, as the owners of this website, and our customers. The T&C set forth the legal boundaries governing the activities of our customers while they visit or engage with our website. It is important that you read and understand our T&C, as they are designed to protect both you and us. Please note that our T&C may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so if you have any questions or concerns, please seek local legal advice.

What are Terms & Conditions?

Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) are a set of legally binding terms defined by us, as the owner of this website. The T&C are meant to establish the legal relationship between our customers and us. T&C should be defined according to the specific needs and nature of each website. For example, an online bath and body products store like WillowB requires T&C that are different from the T&C of a website only providing information (like a blog, a landing page, and so on). T&C provide us as the website owner the ability to protect ourselves from potential legal exposure, but this may differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so make sure to receive local legal advice if you are trying to protect yourself from legal exposure.

What is included in our T&C?

Our T&C address a range of issues, including who is allowed to use our website, our payment methods, our return policy, and our intellectual property rights. We also reserve the right to suspend or cancel a member's account if they violate our T&C. For more information, please review our full Terms & Conditions.

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