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  • Can I Customize a product?
    Yes! Any product on my website can be customized at no extra charge with the exception of adding very high end oils and herbs. Just place an order by clicking on the product you wish to order. In the field provided you may add your ingredients or email if you need to add more descriptive information.
  • Do you customize products not listed on your website?
    Yes! Most of my products are custom orders Shampoo & Conditioner bars to baby soap and wedding favors. Many of my clients have serious allergies, autoimmune disorders and cancers and are in need of specialty products at affordable prices.
  • Where do you ship your products?
    We ship to Canada and cross-border to the United States. We have a $15 flat rate Shipping Fee or free when you spend over $75. Local orders are available for pickup.
  • When will my order ship?
    Some products ship same day such as soaps and Essential Oils. Infused oils and custom products may take 3-5 days depending. Please reference our Pricing & Shipping Policy
  • Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes, I sell wholesale. Custom options are available! For inquiries, please email us at
  • How to get started with the product?
    For custom orders for the time being an email. I am working on a form to make this process easier in the very near future.
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